We are a Canary Islands based travel & cultural company specialised in slow holidays and active tourism.


Walk around a volcano´s caldera, stroll around a XVIth Century cavedwelling hamlet, say “hola” and chat with the locals, feel the fresh Atlantic breeze over your face and the exotic fragrance of our lush and endemic flowers, sit away from the sun while tasting the local wines, explore the best preserved laurel forests in Europe, watch out for the stars in the clearest sky, dip in the sea after a walk. All this, and much more, with The Human Tour.




Gran Canaria Walking Festival


Explore your chosen destination and interact with the locals in our cultural & pleasure guided holidays. Wine-, cheese- & coffee tasting, tapas nights, archeological visits and city tours.



Pick one or more of our proposed daily guided walks on Gran Canaria and explore the most spectacular areas taking the lesser-trodden path and tasting the local food.




We have designed special 7- & 10-day walking programmes for walkers of all levels. Detailed walking notes, transfers, luggage transport and accommodation included.




Get a specialized guide and make the most out of our proposed walks by learning the basics about the wildlife, geology, history and local traditions of our visited areas.




Gran Canaria offers excellent conditions for the practice of cycling throughout the year as the island boasts an exceptional climate and a wonderful network of roads.




Island Adventure is our 1-week programme of voluntary work as you have never experienced before. During 7 days, a group of 45 fellow volunteers from different European countries...




¡Vive el español!, our immersion program designed for foreign students, makes it easy to learn Spanish through a comprehensive educational, cultural, sports and entertainment curriculum.